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We are: One single mom, three kids, three cats, one dog, 31 feet of living space. We're blogging our tales and adventures here for all to see. How do we earn a living, get along, find privacy, handle the ocassional bad situation... ? I'm Chey, I'm 34 and mom to three kids ages 15, 12, and 2 and I'm putting them all in an RV for the adventure of a lifetime!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yeeee HAW!

We came out here for our next fair early because the camping is less expensive here and we have a week and a half till our fair. Anyway they are having a cowboy roping event here, so we are completely surrounded! Cowboys to the left of me, cowboys to the right! And they are the single most inconsiderate people I have seen yet on our travels.

These few dozen folks are letting their dogs run wild, no leashes whatsoever, so they are getting into the trashcans, shitting everywhere, etc. It's a disaster. Their horses are doing what horses do, also crapping everywhere, and they just leave it. The trash, the dog messes, the horse messes....

It's just unbelievable. I was ready to write a funny post here about the cowboys, but over the course of two days it has ceased to be funny at all. They are gross. Spitting at every turn, chewing tobacco, wives screaming like shrews at kids, dogs, whatever...

All of this so that they can go abuse animals for their entertainment.

It's just disgusting. Thankfully they should all be gone tonight or tomorrow sometime. Leaving only the piles and mess behind.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Baby feels better. All is otherwise well. Found a health food store, phew. Arranged for our first delivery of mail via general delivery... should get that tomorrow. Tomorrow we also have to move spaces.

I'm working on some new wings to debut at faerieworlds, please be sure to come out and see us!!

Started adding a natural additive to the tanks, it helps a lot... they were stinky and making me crazy. Highly recommend using one!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Baby Sick

My Birdie was up ill all night so not much to post today. She's doing better and has more energy today, hopefully the worst has passed.

Mental note to always be aware of where the nearest hospital is. I realized at 4 am I had no idea and if I needed it it would require searching first. So I'll make sure to know this from now on.

I need coffee.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well this morning when we went out on doggie walk, there were three different couples out, smiling, and being friendly. So whatever the wierdness is has perhaps passed. No further strangeness either which is good because the girls were a little spooked.

Have a show next weekend, so trying to get everything ready for that. And working on a new wing style just for faerieworlds!

Monday, July 9, 2007


I was starting to get a little creeped out. First, next to us in the park we're in were the single most unfriendly people we've met so far on our journey. When my daughter was outside getting something from the basement storage the male of the couple next to us came outside. She smiled her most welcoming smile and said a cheery "hi!"

He stared at (through?) her then turned on his heel and steppoed back inside without a word. They were camped with another couple who was onthe other side of them. When we walked past couple #2 while out walking our dog, we smiled and waved as we always do and called out a "hello!"

The man raised his hand a bit and the wife gave a curt nod. They never smiled, they were just seemingly unhappy folk.

Well then came the night when I was laying in bed putting my baby girl to sleep and a loud knocking rang out right by my head (this is the back end of the coach). I startled it was so loud, and my daughter came in and asked me "Yes mommy?" thinking it had been me trying to get her attention or some such.

I went outside and no one was there or near. Hmmm.

Then yesterday I went in to use the restroom, and the toilet flushed fine (using water, obviously), then I turned on the water and soaped my hands and then the water just went off. I turned the hot knob, still nothing. I grumbled and wiped my hands on a towel and went to the kitchen faucet... nothing. So I stepped into flip and flop and went round the front of the coach, all of three seconds had elapsed. The faucet was on, hadn't heard anyone walking in the gravel... hmmm.

So this morning the odd couples have left. I'm wondering if the odd happenings will stop too.

Oh hey, our home has been named Mr. C!

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Just loving this. We're north of Bend, OR right now. This is what we see outside our windows:

We had some visitors, didn't get very good pics, but first we had a couple of yearlings, his first antlers were in and he looked very proud to be protecting his lady, here she is:

None of my deer pics came out well. But it was fun. After the yearlings there was a mama and her two babes. They still had to grow into their ears. Quail, groundhogs, lots of ants and thorns... but it's fun. I was born in the desert and I still enjoy it for short periods of time, though I like the mountains more, this is a nice exploration for the girls.

Last night's sunset was beautiful. But as an aside, if you are ever in bend I highly recommend a map and lots of patience, the roads are terrible spaghetti!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Campground Fun

So that's it. We're on our own now, flying or falling. Took us to a local campgound....

The neighbors are just incredible!

(Noreen, Kelly, and of course Pretty Boy shaking his head)

Everyone is so so friendly! But topping the list has to be Noreen and Kelly. Kelly has helped me to get the hot water heater going (something I tried and tried but couldn't get going, now I understand why and know more about the system, bonus.), fixed the broken handle on the antenna, helped me get the oven going and taught me what I was doing wrong there, showed me how to use the awning, helped us get cable going, and fixed my a/c!!!!!!!! I gifted them with my Sangria and a Garden Fae of her choice since she loved them so so much.

He spent all day today fixing things for me. Just incredible. Several times people offered to help, asked how we were, etc. An atmosphere of pay it forward reins supreme. You just don't see this kind of care and genuine sharing anywhere anymore. I'm so deeply amazed and just in love with the friendly warm people!

Munchkin got a bath. You see she hates showers, she thinks they are torture chambers designed to frighten and perhaps eat babies. She's two so this means that her fright translates into screaming at the top of her lungs, trying to climb to the top of my head, and begging me "mommy NOOO please!!!!" which of course makes my heart break.

So! You can see the solution I came up with below. It's an inflatable tub that fits her wonderfully and fits the bottom of our little shower perfectly... and best yet, she loves it!


It's been a rough few days. We stayed up late, spent $65 and worked till our knucles were raw, but every wall, every carpet, every square inch of the house has been scrubbed to within an inch of it's life. We felt really good about the condition of the house, it looked great.

Then we moved home to a local campground while we get our bearings and went back to meet the landlords for the walk-through.

They were just downright rude. My daughter ended up crying, it was terrible. Anyway the upshot is that they are keeping my deposits. Remind me not to rent anymore.