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We are: One single mom, three kids, three cats, one dog, 31 feet of living space. We're blogging our tales and adventures here for all to see. How do we earn a living, get along, find privacy, handle the ocassional bad situation... ? I'm Chey, I'm 34 and mom to three kids ages 15, 12, and 2 and I'm putting them all in an RV for the adventure of a lifetime!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blurry but this stump was just magical...

As was this delightful girl who took home a pair of pink wings.

This gorgeous fellow took home some blue and beige dragon wings to wear.

Goddess party came next. As what happens at GP stays at GP, there will be no further images put up here, but Birdie really loves the dress up tent, and availed herself of it, putting together this lovely ensemble! (Love you ladies!!!)

This boat was spotted in Oregon.

Oregon, Our Park

This is our "Tim the Chicken" he goes with us everywhere and gets set out when we're staying for a while.

My baby girl!

The view from the Olympia HempFest.
Also in Washington, their capitol building.
This is the walking cherry from the cherry festival, yes, I know, go ahead, make your own jokes, mine would make my blog R rated.
Back to Oregon to our favourite park!


FaerieWorlds was incredible! Faerieworlds is an annual event outside Eugene, OR every year around the end of July. In '08 it's going to three days, and if you have any possible way to get to it, fly, walk, whatever it takes, get there!

Our booth at FW!

We made these wings.

These are ours too.

We met the Frouds, this is Brian Froud, author of all things Fae and wonderful. and below is his beautiful wife Wendy. Toby was there too.

A great time, not to be missed.


So where have we been, why haven't we written??

I'm finding it's hard to remember to post to the blog when wifi can be spotty. I'm so busy doing things these days that I have no time to write about what we're doing!

So I've invited my dearest friend to help out. I talk to him every single night and he has followed our adventures from the beginning so he has agreed to sign on as a poster and help me keep the blog updated by posting some of the things I've told him about as they happen.

Since he has a regular wifi connection, he'll be better able to update the blog. Plus he's just awesome.

So where have we been... since our last posting we did the whole of Oregon and deeply love Eugene. We did several shows cruising down through California, including a week in the redwoods, something I highly recommend. Then we skipped Arizona and headed for New Mexico, did Las Cruces and Albuquerque, and then backtracked to AZ. We've been doing AZ for a bit now, Yuma, Phoenix, Peoria, Tucson... and plan to be in this region for a few more months yet.

I'm going to toss up some more pictures for you now.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yeeee HAW!

We came out here for our next fair early because the camping is less expensive here and we have a week and a half till our fair. Anyway they are having a cowboy roping event here, so we are completely surrounded! Cowboys to the left of me, cowboys to the right! And they are the single most inconsiderate people I have seen yet on our travels.

These few dozen folks are letting their dogs run wild, no leashes whatsoever, so they are getting into the trashcans, shitting everywhere, etc. It's a disaster. Their horses are doing what horses do, also crapping everywhere, and they just leave it. The trash, the dog messes, the horse messes....

It's just unbelievable. I was ready to write a funny post here about the cowboys, but over the course of two days it has ceased to be funny at all. They are gross. Spitting at every turn, chewing tobacco, wives screaming like shrews at kids, dogs, whatever...

All of this so that they can go abuse animals for their entertainment.

It's just disgusting. Thankfully they should all be gone tonight or tomorrow sometime. Leaving only the piles and mess behind.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Baby feels better. All is otherwise well. Found a health food store, phew. Arranged for our first delivery of mail via general delivery... should get that tomorrow. Tomorrow we also have to move spaces.

I'm working on some new wings to debut at faerieworlds, please be sure to come out and see us!!

Started adding a natural additive to the tanks, it helps a lot... they were stinky and making me crazy. Highly recommend using one!