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We are: One single mom, three kids, three cats, one dog, 31 feet of living space. We're blogging our tales and adventures here for all to see. How do we earn a living, get along, find privacy, handle the ocassional bad situation... ? I'm Chey, I'm 34 and mom to three kids ages 15, 12, and 2 and I'm putting them all in an RV for the adventure of a lifetime!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yeeee HAW!

We came out here for our next fair early because the camping is less expensive here and we have a week and a half till our fair. Anyway they are having a cowboy roping event here, so we are completely surrounded! Cowboys to the left of me, cowboys to the right! And they are the single most inconsiderate people I have seen yet on our travels.

These few dozen folks are letting their dogs run wild, no leashes whatsoever, so they are getting into the trashcans, shitting everywhere, etc. It's a disaster. Their horses are doing what horses do, also crapping everywhere, and they just leave it. The trash, the dog messes, the horse messes....

It's just unbelievable. I was ready to write a funny post here about the cowboys, but over the course of two days it has ceased to be funny at all. They are gross. Spitting at every turn, chewing tobacco, wives screaming like shrews at kids, dogs, whatever...

All of this so that they can go abuse animals for their entertainment.

It's just disgusting. Thankfully they should all be gone tonight or tomorrow sometime. Leaving only the piles and mess behind.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Baby feels better. All is otherwise well. Found a health food store, phew. Arranged for our first delivery of mail via general delivery... should get that tomorrow. Tomorrow we also have to move spaces.

I'm working on some new wings to debut at faerieworlds, please be sure to come out and see us!!

Started adding a natural additive to the tanks, it helps a lot... they were stinky and making me crazy. Highly recommend using one!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Baby Sick

My Birdie was up ill all night so not much to post today. She's doing better and has more energy today, hopefully the worst has passed.

Mental note to always be aware of where the nearest hospital is. I realized at 4 am I had no idea and if I needed it it would require searching first. So I'll make sure to know this from now on.

I need coffee.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well this morning when we went out on doggie walk, there were three different couples out, smiling, and being friendly. So whatever the wierdness is has perhaps passed. No further strangeness either which is good because the girls were a little spooked.

Have a show next weekend, so trying to get everything ready for that. And working on a new wing style just for faerieworlds!

Monday, July 9, 2007


I was starting to get a little creeped out. First, next to us in the park we're in were the single most unfriendly people we've met so far on our journey. When my daughter was outside getting something from the basement storage the male of the couple next to us came outside. She smiled her most welcoming smile and said a cheery "hi!"

He stared at (through?) her then turned on his heel and steppoed back inside without a word. They were camped with another couple who was onthe other side of them. When we walked past couple #2 while out walking our dog, we smiled and waved as we always do and called out a "hello!"

The man raised his hand a bit and the wife gave a curt nod. They never smiled, they were just seemingly unhappy folk.

Well then came the night when I was laying in bed putting my baby girl to sleep and a loud knocking rang out right by my head (this is the back end of the coach). I startled it was so loud, and my daughter came in and asked me "Yes mommy?" thinking it had been me trying to get her attention or some such.

I went outside and no one was there or near. Hmmm.

Then yesterday I went in to use the restroom, and the toilet flushed fine (using water, obviously), then I turned on the water and soaped my hands and then the water just went off. I turned the hot knob, still nothing. I grumbled and wiped my hands on a towel and went to the kitchen faucet... nothing. So I stepped into flip and flop and went round the front of the coach, all of three seconds had elapsed. The faucet was on, hadn't heard anyone walking in the gravel... hmmm.

So this morning the odd couples have left. I'm wondering if the odd happenings will stop too.

Oh hey, our home has been named Mr. C!

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Just loving this. We're north of Bend, OR right now. This is what we see outside our windows:

We had some visitors, didn't get very good pics, but first we had a couple of yearlings, his first antlers were in and he looked very proud to be protecting his lady, here she is:

None of my deer pics came out well. But it was fun. After the yearlings there was a mama and her two babes. They still had to grow into their ears. Quail, groundhogs, lots of ants and thorns... but it's fun. I was born in the desert and I still enjoy it for short periods of time, though I like the mountains more, this is a nice exploration for the girls.

Last night's sunset was beautiful. But as an aside, if you are ever in bend I highly recommend a map and lots of patience, the roads are terrible spaghetti!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Campground Fun

So that's it. We're on our own now, flying or falling. Took us to a local campgound....

The neighbors are just incredible!

(Noreen, Kelly, and of course Pretty Boy shaking his head)

Everyone is so so friendly! But topping the list has to be Noreen and Kelly. Kelly has helped me to get the hot water heater going (something I tried and tried but couldn't get going, now I understand why and know more about the system, bonus.), fixed the broken handle on the antenna, helped me get the oven going and taught me what I was doing wrong there, showed me how to use the awning, helped us get cable going, and fixed my a/c!!!!!!!! I gifted them with my Sangria and a Garden Fae of her choice since she loved them so so much.

He spent all day today fixing things for me. Just incredible. Several times people offered to help, asked how we were, etc. An atmosphere of pay it forward reins supreme. You just don't see this kind of care and genuine sharing anywhere anymore. I'm so deeply amazed and just in love with the friendly warm people!

Munchkin got a bath. You see she hates showers, she thinks they are torture chambers designed to frighten and perhaps eat babies. She's two so this means that her fright translates into screaming at the top of her lungs, trying to climb to the top of my head, and begging me "mommy NOOO please!!!!" which of course makes my heart break.

So! You can see the solution I came up with below. It's an inflatable tub that fits her wonderfully and fits the bottom of our little shower perfectly... and best yet, she loves it!


It's been a rough few days. We stayed up late, spent $65 and worked till our knucles were raw, but every wall, every carpet, every square inch of the house has been scrubbed to within an inch of it's life. We felt really good about the condition of the house, it looked great.

Then we moved home to a local campground while we get our bearings and went back to meet the landlords for the walk-through.

They were just downright rude. My daughter ended up crying, it was terrible. Anyway the upshot is that they are keeping my deposits. Remind me not to rent anymore.

Friday, June 29, 2007


Here she is!

Web connectivity has been a struggle. Will get better next week, in the meantime bear with me. We're wrapping up everything. But here is our new home!!!

We're getting things in and set up. Storage is tight, especially with trying to fit in the stuff for the business. But it's all about the journey. Wheee!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Here she comes!

She arrives tonight!! Pics of her tomorrow. Name suggestions welcome. I'm liking magic bus. :)

Friday, June 22, 2007


Well, having trouble with connecting as often as I want to. I'm hunting up a good antenna. Tried the hawking HWL2 and just think that for that kind of money it should perform better. Taking it back today and going to try the airlink adapter instead. Hopefully that will perfomr better. The hawking is line of sight which makes things difficult.

In other news the RV is on her way to us! She should be here saturday or sunday. Will definitely throw up lots of pics. Living in an empty house since we've cleaned out has been no fun. It's amazing how people can still make a mess when they have no actual stuff to do it with! Just amazing! lol

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Working on the insurance today. Can I just say this is EXPENSIVE!!! I guess I thought it would be lower than it is turning out to be. If you do this, be prepared for around 1,000-1,500 per year. Yikes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm a Dork

I comepletely forgot to post for several days. I'll work on that.

So here's what's up... the RV should be here in just a couple of days! Saturday to be precise. Pictures will be put up, I promise.

So the second show went alright. LEarned a major lesson... places with carnivals leave no spending money left for them to spend on the vendors. By the time they buy rides and junk food for the entire family, they're broke! So I think I'm booked to two more with carnivals, but after that I'm going to skip them. They are okay for people who have five dollar items, ie face painting and plastic imported toys but not for us artsy folks.

Told my ex that I'm leaving. He put on a sad face... like I didn't know that internally he was jumping for joy.

I'm going to miss my favorite local cafe. If you're ever in southern Idaho make sure you drop by the Library coffee house. Awesome coffee, terrific staff, and the exact environment that a coffee shop should have. Five stars, more like six really... please drop in on these wonderful people, I promise you won't be sorry.

Okay, pics, I promised pics! Here is my middle girl, post face painting, at the cherry festival:

And one more. I saw this there at the show, and it struck me that these poor pooches were stuck in this cage all day! Wouldn't it be better to just walk them? Or leave them at home where they could at least be free? It bugged me, I don't know why. I felt so sorry for the TWO dogs she had trapped in there... just because she wanted to bring them out as some kind of status symbol. I wanted to pull a "free willy" ! haha

Monday, June 11, 2007


So despite the fact that my last show was desperately important I did not even make back expenses. Why? Well because the promoters placed us vendors several blocks from the action!

40,000 attendance at the event and maybe 2,000 walked down the vendors aisle. They stuck us block, yes, several blocks away form the action, on a dirt and rock lot! Needless to say it was not at all like it was represented to us to be, and none of the vendors made their fees back and all of us were seriously ticked.

According to one of the two returning vendors, it is like that every year and they never have returning vendors for that reason. So now I add the questions "What percentage of your booths are returning vendors?" to my Q&A.

I'm going to see what I can do about it before we leave town. Would like to get my money back, they owe us that. But who knows. On top of it all when I politely tried to talk to the president of the chamber about it she screamed at me, asked me why she should care, and told me that she provided us with 40,000 people and if we all FAILED to sell to them, that was our problem, not hers.

It was a nightmare. Just a total nightmare.

So.... trying to just let it go. I have a show starting on wednesday, setup is tomorrow. I like that hope of a new show. The anticipation is fun.

I'm making some booth modifications too.

I think I'll start adding pictures to the blog once we get through this show. In the meantime, if you have advice on confronting a board of directors, I'd be much obliged!

Sunday, June 10, 2007


My oldest sister called me today and said that she and her daughter needed a place to stay for a short time. Of ocurse in ordinary circumstances I wouldn't hesitate... but I had not been able to get ahold of her (I have two sisters) to tell her what we were doing.

So I told her I'm so sorry, but we are about to move into a 31 ft motorhome. It's hard to tell people you have no space for them. It was really painful to do that. It brings up the question as to how I will handle guests on the road. Both of the temp variety like dinner guests, and of the longer term like a friend flying in to visit for a week.

I'm wondering if I should get a small tent and extra sleeping bag just for that. I think I'll add it to the "someday soon" list. Denying hospitality is not in my nature.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Show Time

I have two shows now to face (art/festivals shows). Without them, I will not have enough money for things like the RV insurance down payment, passport america, etc.

Remember I'm 34, I'm not retiring here, I have to work to make it all come together... well it also so happens that I have to work a couple of jobs! I also run a daycare, so we do have kids all week too.

The dealership is starting my first payment in June. Some people told me they gave you a month or two at the start before it began. Not so lucky with me. First payment due on pickup! So since I still have rent this month, the final bills on everything I'm turning off, and the insurance down payment (30% of the total), I'm really strapped.

So the show, though a lot of work, is incredibly important!

Tired, but getting excited... until I start to think about how I'm going to pull it all off... then I panic.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Double Check!

Phone: Turn off date 6/18
Electricity: Disconnect 6/30
Gas: Disconnect 6/05
DSL: 6/18

Second cell line for emergencies, ordered.

Handling the change of plans on the day we get the RV, gentle and without objection. (See how I'm improving already??)

DMV change of address, done.
Voters reg change of address, done.
Cancel Y membership, done.
Change address to auto insurance, done.
New national bank account rather than the local one I had ben using, done.
Lose debit card have to order new one because I'm a dork, done!

Monday, June 4, 2007


Yard sale is accomplished. I had intended to do it on friday saturday since I discovered by accident that you make more that way, but I just couldn't get it all done with this flu going on. So it was the old standard of saturday and sunday. I didn't make as much as I think I could have, but I did okay, and every little bit helps.

I think my favorite is seeing some old furniture pieces that had been in my family a long time go to people who not only needed them but were really glad to have them. I love that!

So now I am freecycling what's left. If you don't freecycle, you should try it: Freecycle

Just choose a local list and get started. Sometimes it can be a lot of email but I've gotten some wonderful things from there and had the opportunity to see some of my things fine great new homes when they were really needed by others. Pay it forward.

Gotta get my yard all green and pretty too or the landlord will be grumpy.

Today I got us reservations in a wonderful place for september, so watch for that, it's going to be amazing!

Keep on taking step after step. When I stop and look at the big picture I get a small panic attack like this:

"Oh NO! How am I going to fit all this in a 31' RV???? What about weight?? How will I stay under weight and have everyones stuff plus all the work stuff??? AHHHH! How will I get it all done? And do two shows, and take the trip to pick up the RV, and handle the daycare all at once and mow my lawn and get the house cleaned and the weeds pulled and everyone fed and ... and... and.... !$#&@>* !!!"

Yeah so I have to just focus on doing one thing at a time and hope I make it. So now I have to go do ten other things. Hey, thanks for reading!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Holy Mounting STUFF Batman!!

Okay how am I ever going to fit all of this?? I have a mountian of STUFF that I have set aside to move into the RV... it keeps getting bigger. It doesn't even have my kitchen and bathroom stuff in it yet, not to mention the mountain of things for my JOB.... ahhhh!

How am I ever going to fit it all? And even if I do will I be wayyyy overweight?

The people who do this are hero's. You just have no idea. Until you try to do it, it seems simple, but it's NOT!

So I'm having some anxiety this morning... I have everyting ouside for the yard sale and my house is not empty. It seems to me it should be empty. Or nearly so. It's not even close. This is not good.'

On we go.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Batteries and Insurance

The dealership is replacing the battery for me with a new one... I asked if they would make that two six volts because they last better and get better amp hours according to the folks who seem to know.... They aren't sure they want to do that so we'll see I guess.

I have to say I'm a little shocked at the insurance premiums! I'm going to be paying over $1000/yr for our little class C. I thought it would be half that. Of course I'll just suck it up but sheeeesh! I shopped around a lot, that helped, it could be a lot more.

Yard sale tomorrow. I'm tired. My house looks like someone picked it up, shook it, and put it back!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Feeling Better

Starting to recover form the flu, finally. Whew, what timing! Delaying the yard sale by one day due to the flu, I just can't get it all done in time no matter how hard I try.

Bedroom is done, and the kids room. Still have the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, living room, studio, and office. Sure I can finish it all today and tomorrow! Why not?! hahahaha

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Scared for Me

My sister said she is afraid for me. When I asked her what she was afraid of, she couldn't answer just kept saying she didn't know. It's sweet that she loves me so I can't hold it against her. She also said she just couldn't see herself in such a small space with kids!

I told the dad of my daycare family that I had to give 30 days notice. He just seemed very sad. He said they really like me and are really sorry to see me leave.

Today I go get my mail forwarding set up, change my bank to a national bank instead of my local bank, and other small stuff along those lines.

To top it all off I have the flu. I'm sneezing, stuffed up, have a fever, etc. I can do this but sheesh am I miserable right now!

Monday, May 28, 2007


I am getting such wonderful support from everyone I tell! I'm a little flustered because I guess I expevcted opposition and naysayers. But so far it's been an amazing response. I admit I put off telling people because I just didn't want to deal with the frustration of naysayers when I was trying to get everything accomplished. But now I feel a little silly for having put it off.

I still have to tell my sisters. I expect them both to be naysayers, only because they love me but they are both worriers. I'll call them tonight. Better add it to my ever growing list.

The lists keep getting bigger not smaller, this is not good.

Yard sale this coming weekend. My second so far in this process and the final one.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I have lists for my lists! I'm drowning in them! Packing lists, RV checklists, road trip lists, show lists, shopping lists, to-do lists.... help me!

Telling People

I've been doing daycare for two years to make ends meet while I build my business and to help bridge the gap when my ex skips child support. So anyway two of them I have had from the beginning, they are young brothers (2 and 7), and they love it here, and their mom likes me and I have to tell her tomorrow that I won't be able to watch them anymore. I have to give her 30 days notice so she has plenty of time to work something else out, but still, I feel bad. I'm close to their school, imminently reliable, safe, and I love the kids. I know as a mom that is rare and hard to find so I understand why she likes me.

But it's time for us to go on to this adventure. I hope she understands and feels good about it. It would be fun to send postcards to the kids as we travel. So I tell her tomorrow. I hope it goes well.

Cleaning Out

Can I just say, we have a lot of crap. No really. We live lightly, it's important to me to do so. I've worked for years to cut down on my amount of stuff, to live as lightly as I can and to practice the principals of voluntary simplicity.

So you can imagine my dismay when I realized just how much *shit* I had accumulated! I was able to weed out two large lawn bags of clothes from my wardrobe alone. Who needs that much?? My kids were just as bad or worse and we've only just gotten started!

This process is so hard. We're renting a very small storage unit which will hold the things we can't take but also can't let go of. Family photos, precious drawings and things from my kids over the years, that sort of thing. My goal is a 10X10 or smaller. Not sure if we'll make it that small or not yet.

Basically all of the furniture except a few of my very favorite pieces are going. I'm keeping my mothers desk, my mothers cedar chest, my wooden futon, and my solid oak bookcase. The rest is all either stuff I don't care about or that is cheap and replaceable anyway.

My bedroom is echoing... it's eerie. I'll just have to live with it for the next month though. We go pick up the RV on the 18th.

I do feel lighter already though. It's so amazing how much junk and crap we carry around with us "because I might need it". I didn't want to be wasteful, so I kept htings that no longer served me under the idea that they migh tone day be useful again to me or someone else or reused in some other way. All well and good but it can definitely pile up.

We live in a moderate home in a moderate neighborhood on n average street and our house is far from full. You wouldn't look at our "stuff" and call us packrats or slobs or compulsive stockpilers. Nevertheless we have way way too much crap! Bags upon bags upon boxes of it! I guess I'm really surprised, and am feeling much much lighter already.

I've purged before, but never to this level and the difference is so amazing. I used to purge what I thought was a deep purging every year or two at minimum, and yet I have already gotten rid of a mountain and still have three or four more mountains left to go!

It feels great! So far so good, we can do this!