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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Campground Fun

So that's it. We're on our own now, flying or falling. Took us to a local campgound....

The neighbors are just incredible!

(Noreen, Kelly, and of course Pretty Boy shaking his head)

Everyone is so so friendly! But topping the list has to be Noreen and Kelly. Kelly has helped me to get the hot water heater going (something I tried and tried but couldn't get going, now I understand why and know more about the system, bonus.), fixed the broken handle on the antenna, helped me get the oven going and taught me what I was doing wrong there, showed me how to use the awning, helped us get cable going, and fixed my a/c!!!!!!!! I gifted them with my Sangria and a Garden Fae of her choice since she loved them so so much.

He spent all day today fixing things for me. Just incredible. Several times people offered to help, asked how we were, etc. An atmosphere of pay it forward reins supreme. You just don't see this kind of care and genuine sharing anywhere anymore. I'm so deeply amazed and just in love with the friendly warm people!

Munchkin got a bath. You see she hates showers, she thinks they are torture chambers designed to frighten and perhaps eat babies. She's two so this means that her fright translates into screaming at the top of her lungs, trying to climb to the top of my head, and begging me "mommy NOOO please!!!!" which of course makes my heart break.

So! You can see the solution I came up with below. It's an inflatable tub that fits her wonderfully and fits the bottom of our little shower perfectly... and best yet, she loves it!

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