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We are: One single mom, three kids, three cats, one dog, 31 feet of living space. We're blogging our tales and adventures here for all to see. How do we earn a living, get along, find privacy, handle the ocassional bad situation... ? I'm Chey, I'm 34 and mom to three kids ages 15, 12, and 2 and I'm putting them all in an RV for the adventure of a lifetime!

Monday, June 4, 2007


Yard sale is accomplished. I had intended to do it on friday saturday since I discovered by accident that you make more that way, but I just couldn't get it all done with this flu going on. So it was the old standard of saturday and sunday. I didn't make as much as I think I could have, but I did okay, and every little bit helps.

I think my favorite is seeing some old furniture pieces that had been in my family a long time go to people who not only needed them but were really glad to have them. I love that!

So now I am freecycling what's left. If you don't freecycle, you should try it: Freecycle

Just choose a local list and get started. Sometimes it can be a lot of email but I've gotten some wonderful things from there and had the opportunity to see some of my things fine great new homes when they were really needed by others. Pay it forward.

Gotta get my yard all green and pretty too or the landlord will be grumpy.

Today I got us reservations in a wonderful place for september, so watch for that, it's going to be amazing!

Keep on taking step after step. When I stop and look at the big picture I get a small panic attack like this:

"Oh NO! How am I going to fit all this in a 31' RV???? What about weight?? How will I stay under weight and have everyones stuff plus all the work stuff??? AHHHH! How will I get it all done? And do two shows, and take the trip to pick up the RV, and handle the daycare all at once and mow my lawn and get the house cleaned and the weeds pulled and everyone fed and ... and... and.... !$#&@>* !!!"

Yeah so I have to just focus on doing one thing at a time and hope I make it. So now I have to go do ten other things. Hey, thanks for reading!!

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