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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm a Dork

I comepletely forgot to post for several days. I'll work on that.

So here's what's up... the RV should be here in just a couple of days! Saturday to be precise. Pictures will be put up, I promise.

So the second show went alright. LEarned a major lesson... places with carnivals leave no spending money left for them to spend on the vendors. By the time they buy rides and junk food for the entire family, they're broke! So I think I'm booked to two more with carnivals, but after that I'm going to skip them. They are okay for people who have five dollar items, ie face painting and plastic imported toys but not for us artsy folks.

Told my ex that I'm leaving. He put on a sad face... like I didn't know that internally he was jumping for joy.

I'm going to miss my favorite local cafe. If you're ever in southern Idaho make sure you drop by the Library coffee house. Awesome coffee, terrific staff, and the exact environment that a coffee shop should have. Five stars, more like six really... please drop in on these wonderful people, I promise you won't be sorry.

Okay, pics, I promised pics! Here is my middle girl, post face painting, at the cherry festival:

And one more. I saw this there at the show, and it struck me that these poor pooches were stuck in this cage all day! Wouldn't it be better to just walk them? Or leave them at home where they could at least be free? It bugged me, I don't know why. I felt so sorry for the TWO dogs she had trapped in there... just because she wanted to bring them out as some kind of status symbol. I wanted to pull a "free willy" ! haha

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